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0420 Wall art decoration (set of 3 pieces) London - Paris - Berlin

wall decoration set ParisBerlin London Wall art decoration London Paris Berlin

Wall art decoration set.

 It is produced by stretching of canvas prints on a wooden frames or mounting the photo paper prints on PVC pads.

You can find detail descriptions of the available variants below.

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Wall art can be produced by:

Variant 1: Printing on high quality photo paper, mounting on a PVC sheet with a thickness of 5 mm and laminating the print to protect it from the environmental effects.

Variant 2: High-tech full colour printing on 100% cotton canvas and stretching on a wooden frame with a a thickness of 20 mm.

In both cases, wall art will be made ready for hanging. It needs no any further maintenance and is extremely weather-resistant and durable.

Separate panels are mounted at a distance of 2 centimetres between each other.

Our gallery contains pictures and descriptions of the technologies used to produce both variants to help you select which variant (PVC or canvas) is best suitable for you.

Available sizes:

S  size: 30х30 cm - 3 pcs.

M size: 40х40 cm - 3 pcs.

L size: 50х50 cm - 3 pcs.

In the Downloads section you can find mounting instruction for multi-part wall art panels.

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