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Terms & Conditions



Art. 1 These General Terms and Conditions are intended to regulate the relations between IWI DECOR LTD and the customers, hereinafter referred to as the USERS of www.iwidecor.com online store.


Art. 2. Information as required by Electronic Commerce Act and Consumer Protection Act:

1. Name of the Supplier: Iwi Decor LTD
2. Seat and registered address at: Bulgaria, city of Sofia, res. area “Sveta Troitsa” 341 B

3. Operational address: Bulgaria, city of Sofia, 32, “Vranya” Str.
4. Contact details: e-mail: office@iwidecor.com, tel.: 0898 484574
5. Registration in public registers: UIC: 203076076
6. Number of Data Controller license № 411977
7. Controlling authorities:
(1) Commission for Personal Data Protection
Address: Sofia 1592, 2, “Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov” Blvd.
tel.: (02) 940 20 46, fax: (02) 940 36 40
Email: kzld@government.bg, kzld@cpdp.bg
Web site: www.cpdp.bg
(2) Consumer Protection Commission
Address: 1000 Sofia, 4А, “Slaveykov” Sq. floors 3, 4 and 6,
tel.: 02 / 980 25 24, fax: 02 / 988 42 18
hotline: 0700 111 22
Web site: www.kzp.bg

8. Registration under the Value Added Tax Act № BG203076076



Art. 3. The online store is available at: www.iwidecor.com. By using the online store, USERS are able to:
1. Register and create profiles in iwidecor.com to use additional services and functionalities;
2. Order /conclude sale-purchase and delivery contracts for/  the products, offered by www.iwidecor.com;
3. Make all kinds of payments in relation with the orders made/sale-purchase contracts concluded with Iwi Decor LTD in accordance with the payment methods, supported by www.iwidecor.com.
4. Receive information about new products, offered by www.iwidecor.com;
5. Examine the products, their features, prices and delivery terms;
6. Be informed about the rights, arising from the Law mainly via the interface of www.iwidecor.com page;
7. Exercise right of withdrawal in relation with the remotely concluded contract for the products, offered by Iwi Decor LTD, wherever the right of withdrawal is applicable. 

Art. 4. Iwi Decor LTD shall deliver the products and shall guarantee USERS’ rights, provided by Law in good faith and within the criteria and conditions, adopted in practice, in Consumer and in Commercial Law.

Art. 5. (1) USERS order /conclude sale-purchase contracts for/ the products, offered by Iwi Decor LTD, available on the page www.iwidecor.com

(2) By the power of the sale-purchase contract for goods, concluded with the USERS, Iwi Decor LTD undertakes to deliver and to transfer the ownership of the products, chosen by the USER via the online store iwidecor.com, to the USER.
(3) The USERS shall pay to Iwi Decor LTD a remuneration for the delivered products in accordance with the conditions, defined on the page iwidecor.com and the General Terms and Conditions hereby. The mentioned remuneration shall be at the amount of the price, indicated by Iwi Decor LTD at the Internet address of iwidecor.com.
(4) Iwi Decor LTD shall deliver the products claimed by the USERS within the time terms and under the conditions, set out on the page of the online store and in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions hereby.

(5) The price for delivery shall be calculated separately from the price of the products.

Art. 6. (1) The USERS and Iwi Decor LTD agree that all and any statements between them in relation with the conclusion and the performance of the sale-purchase contract can be implemented electronically and via electronic statements within the meaning of the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature and art. 11 of the Electronic Commerce Act.
(2) It is assumed that electronic statements, made by the USERS of the site, are made by the individuals, indicated in the data input by the USER during his registration process, once the USER has entered the relevant user name and password.



Art. 7. (1) In order to use iwidecor.com for conclusion of sale-purchase contract for goods, the USER should enter user name and password for remote access chosen by himself, whenever registration is required.
(2) The user name and the password for remote access are chosen by the USER via electronic registration at the site iwidecor.com.
(3) By entering his data and pressing the “Registration” button, the USER declares that he is acquainted with the General Terms and Conditions hereby, that he agrees with their contents and he undertakes the obligation to preserve them unconditionally.
(4) During the process of registration the USER is obliged to provide true and up-to-date data. In case of change in the circumstances, the USER shall timely update the data, indicated in his registration.
(5) In order to use the full functionality of Iwi Decor LTD’s online store, the USER can register at the site of the online store. Iwi Decor LTD is not responsible if the USER was not able to use the full functionality of the online store due to lack of registration, including in relation with exercising rights under the contract, opportunity to claim lower price or other similar functions.
(6) These General Terms and Conditions can be accepted by the USERS also without registration at iwidecor.com via express statement, including via the site of iwidecor.com.



Art. 8. (1) USERS shall use mainly the interface of the SUPPLIER’s page in order to conclude sale-purchase contracts for the goods/products, offered by the SUPPLIER at iwidecor.com.
(2)  These General Terms and Conditions, available on the site of iwidecor.com, shall constitute the contract between the Supplier and the USER.
(3)  The USER is a party to the contract with Iwi Decor LTD, in accordance with the data, provided during registration and available in the personal profile of the USER. In order to avoid doubt, these are the data, used to create an account in iwidecor.com.  

(4) The interface of Iwi Decor LTD’s page iwidecor.com incorporates technical means for detection and correction of mistakes during input of information, before making the statement for conclusion of the contract.
(5) This contract shall be deemed to have been concluded as of the moment of registration of the USER or of otherwise accepting the General Terms and Conditions in an explicit way at iwidecor.com. The sale-purchase contract for products shall be deemed to have been concluded from the moment of placing an order for product by the USER via iwidecor.com online store.
(6) Iwi Decor LTD shall explicitly inform the USER in appropriate way via electronic means about the conclusion of this contract and about the conclusion of the sale-purchase contract for goods. (7) The statement for the conclusion of the contract and the confirmation of its receipt shall be considered received when their addressees have granted access to them.
(7) Iwi Decor LTD shall deliver the products to the address, indicated by the USERS and shall not bear responsibility in case the data provided by the USERS are incorrect or misleading.

Art. 9. (1) The USERS conclude sale-purchase contract with the SUPPLIER via the following procedure:

Registration at IWIDECOR.COM and provision of the necessary data, in case the USER has no registration at IWIDECOR.COM until this moment or via ordering a product without registration;

Logging into the system for placing orders at IWIDECOR.COM by identification of user name and password or other method of identification;
Selection of one or more of the offered products at IWIDECOR.COM and placing these products in a list of purchase items;
Provision of data for delivery;
Selection of payment method and time of payment of the price.
Confirmation of the order;
(2) The USERS can conclude sale-purchase contract with Iwi Decor LTD without registration, by using the relevant functionality in the interface of iwidecor.com online store.



Art. 10. The regulations of this Section VI of the General Terms and Conditions hereby shall be applied to USERS, who – due to the data, indicated for the conclusion of sale-purchase contract or during registration at iwidecor.com – can be considered USERS within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, Electronic Commerce Act and/or Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 25 October 2011.

Art. 11. (1) The main features of the products offered by the Supplier shall be defined in the profile of each item on the site of iwidecor.com.
(2) The price of the products inclusive of all relevant taxes shall be defined by the Supplier in the profile of each item on the site of iwidecor.com.
(3) The value of postal and transportation costs, which is not included in the price of the products, shall be defined by Iwi Decor LTD and shall be provided as information to the USERS during selection of the products for conclusion of the sale-purchase contract;
(4) Payment, delivery and contract performance methods are defined in these General Terms and Conditions, as well as the information provided by the USER at the site of Iwi Decor LTD.
(5) The information provided to the USERS in this clause shall be current as of the moment of its visualization on the iwidecor.com site, before the conclusion of the sale-purchase contract.
(6) The terms of delivery of the different items shall be a subject of mandatory indication by Iwi Decor LTD on their site iwidecor.com.
(7) Iwi Decor LTD shall indicate the total value of the order for all items listed in it before the conclusion of the contract.
(8) The USERS agree that all the information, required by the Customer Protection Act can be provided through the interface of the platform of iwidecor.com or via e-mail.

Art. 12. (1) The USER agrees that Iwi Decor LTD shall be entitled to receive advance payment for the sale-purchase contracts for goods concluded with the USER and their delivery. 

(2) The USER shall autonomously decide whether to pay the price for delivery of the products before or at the time of delivery.

Art. 13. (1) The USER shall be entitled, without due compensation or penalty, to withdraw from the concluded contract within 14 days from the date of acceptance of the good. Information about the exercise of the right of withdrawal is available at iwidecor.com.

(2) The right of withdrawal as provided by par. 1 shall not be applicable for delivery of products, manufactured on customer’s demand or in accordance with his individual requirements;

(3) Whenever the User has exercised his right of withdrawal, the Supplier shall pursue any recovery received from the User within 14 days from the date he was notified about the decision of the User to withdraw from the contract.

(4) In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the costs for transportation of the returned products shall be at the expense of the User and the costs for return shall be withheld from the amount, paid by him. 

(5) The User is obliged to preserve the products, received from the Supplier and to ensure the maintenance of their quality and their safety for the time term under par. 1.

(6) The User may exercise his right of withdrawal by sending a written statement to Iwi Decor LTD to the e-mail address: office@iwidecor.com.



Art. 14. Iwi Decor LTD shall deliver and transfer the product to the USER within the time term, defined at the conclusion of the contract.

Art. 15. The User must examine the good at the moment of delivery and transfer from Iwi Decor LTD and in case the good does not correspond to the requirements – to notify Iwi Decor LTD immediately.



Art. 16. (1) Iwi Decor LTD undertakes measures for protection of USER’s personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
(2) For security reasons in relation with the personal data of the USERS, Iwi Decor LTD shall send the data solely to the e-mail address that has been indicated by the USERS at the moment of registration.
(3) The USERS agree that Iwi Decor LTD shall be entitled to process their personal data, necessary for the execution of the order at the online store and the performance of the contract.

Art. 17. (1)  Iwi Decor LTD shall be entitled, at any time, to require from the USER to make himself known and to certify the credibility of each circumstance and piece of personal data, provided by him during registration. 
(2) In case the USER has forgotten or lost his user name and password for any reason, Iwi Decor LTD is entitled to apply the announced Procedure for lost or forgotten user names and passwords.


Art. 18. (1) These General Terms and Conditions are subject to modification by Iwi Decor LTD.


Art. 19. Iwi Decor LTD shall publish these General Terms and Conditions at the address of the site iwidecor.com along with all applied supplements and amendments.


Art. 20. These General Terms and Conditions and the contract of the USER with Iwi Decor LTD shall be terminated in the following cases:

at termination and liquidation or insolvency of one of the parties to the contract;

by mutual agreement expressed by the parties with written consent;

unilaterally, via notice by each of the parties in case of infringement of the provisions laid in the contract by the other party;

where it is objectively impossible for any of the parties to the contract to perform their obligations;

in case of seizure or sealing of equipment by State authorities;

in case of cancellation of the USER’s registration from the site iwidecor.com. Whenever that happens, the outstanding sale-purchase contracts shall remain in power and shall be subject to performance;

in case of exercise of right of withdrawal in accordance with art. 55, par. 1 of the Customer Protection Act. In this case only the delivery contract for the relevant ordered product shall be terminated, whenever the right of withdrawal is applicable for the given product category.



Art. 21. Possible invalidity of any of the provisions of these General Conditions shall not lead to invalidity of the contract as a whole.

Art. 22. For all matters unsettled by this contract related to the performance and the interpretation of this contract, the Laws of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.

Art. 23. Any dispute between the parties to this contract shall be settled by the competent Court or by the Consumer Protection Commission.


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