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The room dividers are made by high-tech printing on a polyester canvas stretched over wooden frames.

The room divider can be: One sided (only one side printed) and Double sided (both sides printed, the image on both sides of the screen is mirrored).

Available sizes:

3 parts - total size 120x180 cm (40x180 - 3 pcs)

4 parts - total size 160x180 cm (40x180 - 4 pcs)

5 parts - total size 200x180 cm (40x180 - 5 pcs)

6 parts - total size 240x180 cm (40x180 - 6 pcs)

Screens are used to decorate or separate spaces into separate areas. They are used in homes and hotels for partitioning rooms (kitchen from a dining room or a bedroom from a wardrobe); in restaurants, beauty salons and spa centers to separate functional areas; such as trials in clothing stores and many more according to the imagination of their owners.

Room deviders can be combined with canvas wall art decoration sets from iwidecor.com. The screens can be custom-made with a high-resolution image of the customer.

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